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Cash Grand Prize Drawings

Add your email information to our drawing AT A FESTIVAL to enter.

Must be present to win.

Winners at 2pm and 3pm at Highlands Ranch & Loveland; winners at Noon, 1pm, 2pm and 3pm at Standley Lake.

Bring identification.

Applewood Arts festival exhibitors, students and Ranch employees are not eligible.


Great work deserves to be displayed in an attention-grabbing setting. It
cannot stand alone. It is important, during a busy and noisy festival, to get the
publics' attention. The more time a customer spends browsing in your area, the
better your chances for a sale become. Our festivals happen once a year. This
atmosphere encourages impulse-buying. TAKE ADVANTAGE!

Three artisans will be selected at each festival as "Best Booth." Each will receive a $50 credit towards the next year's applications. Here are suggestions for you!

#1. REQUIRED Add a barrier between your area and those on all sides of you. Use
partitions, screens, curtains, shelving, etc. to create the feeling of a room. Encourage
your customers to focus on your work, not that of a neighbor's.

#2. Create a space with many levels, especially levels between your waist
and the top of your head. Include "impact pieces" sure to draw interest, to lure
buyers into your "store." Do not extend into the aisles, or higher than 8 feet.
Outside tent displays are not allowed, without special permission. They look best
outside! No canopies, per fire code.

#3. Mark prices clearly, being sure to include a wide range of prices. Potential
buyers will not usually ask prices. They will just walk away.

#4. Compliment your work with color. Add tones within your space. Back
your space with neutral colors that don't overtake your merchandise. Use a carpet
on the floor.

#5. Use lighting whenever it is available. Don't overpower your work with
bright lights, but use soft lighting to enhance your display. Remember, at both
schools additional lighting is very limited. At The Ranch Events Complex, Loveland,
lighting is readily available, but must be requested, also.

#6. Consider the traffic flow into and out of your space. Allow plenty of
room to enter your display, being sure to make it comfortable to come into, but
not too "open."

#7. Display your name/company name clearly in your space. Don't overwhelm
your space with your name, however.

#8. Always keep your additional merchandise hidden and tables skirted to
the floor.

Ultimately, our goal is to create an impression of aisles lined with unique,
small gift boutiques. And, of course, to promote a shopping experience resulting
in increased sales for you!

Peggy and John